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Read the Prologue and Episode 1 for each guy for free!Story: You’ve just graduated and become the junior fashion designer at Juliet, an up-rising fashion design studio. Life is just beautiful, is it?
The sadistic C.E.O, The mysterious bartender, The lovely fashion designer and the blue-blood playboy… Who is the one for you?
Guy Profiles:
Felix: The sadistic C.E.O“Why do you get shy so easily?”A fashion design genius who has an ambitious business plan towards the industry. What’s he thinking about you?
Phil: The mysterious bartender“Why do you stare at me?...I’m not the guy that you imagine…”Phil is the guy who always tries to hide his feelings. What did previous relationship bring him?
Ethan: The lovely fashion designer“I know that you are interested in me. Why don’t just admit it?”You always get surprise from Ethan as he’s very bright and intelligent. He treasures you like a princess. Why? Try finding out yourself.
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